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            WHT-320 zinc oxide desulfurizer

            WHT-320 Zinc oxide desulfurizer is new type spheric desulfurizer with excellent performance.It is mainly used for the purification process in the manufacturer of hydrogen,ammonium and synthetic wood alcohol from natural gas,light oil,coking gas and catalytic dry vapor by conversion method.It is also used in the manufacturer of ammonium from heavy oils and coal.
            This desulfurizer WHT-320 has following features:
            It can be used as protective agent for PSA catalyst before PAS operation.In addition to removing H2S,it has the converting and adsorbing ability of organic sulfides,such as COS,CS2 etc.
            •The sulfur volume is the leading level and equivalent to the famous-brand product in China.
            •Compared with common roll desulfurizer,WHT-320 has large specific surface area and pore volume with uniform pore structure due to added the excellent assistant in forming process.
            •Due to contacting with air flow with large surface area,the filling volume of the desulfurizer in the column is biggest and the filling rate can be over 70%,while the common roll desulfurizer is only below 63%.So the utilization rate of the equipment is high and desulfurization efficiency is good obviously.
            •Due to good fluidity of the spheric desulfurizer,the desulfurizer filled in the column is even and not easy to cause bridging,so the fluid resistance is uniform and stable in the operation process,the phenomenon of channeling and partly penetration of sulfur will not be happened,and the service life of the desulfurizer will be longer.
            •The abrasion rate is very low,the powdering of desulfurizer in transportation and filling process can be avoided.

            1.physical properties
            Appearance grayish spheric particle
            Particle size (mm) Φ3-5
            Bulk density (kg/L) 1.1-1.3
            Average crushing strength
            Abrasion rate (%) ≤2
            2.Normal use conditions and testing indexes:
            Pressure (MPa) Normal pressure ~4.0
            Temperature ( °C) 200-400
            Water vapor/raw material gas 1-1.5 or dry gas
            Space velocity (h-1) 1000-3000(gas)
            Sulfur Content after desulfurization (ppm) <0.1
            Sulfur volume of break-through(Test to National Standard) ≥20(220°C)
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