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            WYA-9101A, WYA-9101B Special adsorbent for hydrogen peroxide

            1. Chemical formula: Al2O3•nH2O n< 0.5
            2. Properties and uses:
            This series of products is γ-form aluminum oxide with white or pinkish red spherical particle. It is produced from the intermediate product as raw material, which is obtained by quick dehydration method. It has the advantages of high strength, insoluble in water, hydrocarbon, alcohol and ester etc. organic solvent, non-powdering and non-softening in the water, high clarifying degree, long service life, non-toxic, tasteless, odourless and powerful degradation and regeneration abilities to anthraquinone derivant. It is a special adsorbent for hydrogen peroxide made by anthraquinone method. This series of products has not only the ability of adsorption alkali in working solution, but also has strong regenerating ability to degradation products. So it has an important effect on decreasing the consumption of anthraquinone and stabilize working solution. The quality of the product is in the leading level of similar products in China.
            3.Main technical Indexes:

            Type / 9101A 9101B
            Appearance / White sphere White sphere
            Particle size mm Φ3-5 Φ1.2-2.8
            Bulk density g/cm3 0.6-0.8 0.7-0.9
            Specific surface area m2/g ≥200 ≤240
            Pore volume cm3/g ≥0.45 ≥0.45
            Crushing strength N/sphere ≥70 ≥40
            Na2O % ≤1.5 3-3.8
            Rate of absorption water % ≥50 ≥50
            Loss of ignition
            (550℃, 3h)
            % 2-6 3-3.8
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