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            WHA-203 Active aluminum oxide Adsorbent

            1.Chemical formula: Al2O3•nH2O n< 1
            2.Properties and uses:
                 This product is γ-form active aluminum oxide with white color spheric particle.It is produced from the intermediate product as raw material,which is obtained by quick dehydration at high temperature.This product has high adsorptive ability to the polar substance,and also can be regenerated through changing pressure and temperature.The qualities of product,such as appearance and shape,crystal structure,chemical composition,physic-chemical properties,adsorptive properties for water,acetic acid and tetrabromoethane,mechanical strength and heat stability etc.can reach the level of C-140 form aluminum oxide made by Germany.It is suitably used for the post-treatment of carrier-gas(N2) in the pipe line Transportation of phthalic acid,its purpose is removing the impurities,such as water,acetic acid and tetrabromoethane impurity and recycling use of the gas.
            Main technical indexes:

            Appearance Φ2-5mm White sphere
            Bulk density g/cm3 ≥0.68
            Specific surface area m2/g ≥320
            Na2O % ≤0.40
            Pore Volume cm3/g ≥0.40
            Crushing strength N/sphrer ≤80
            Static Adsorption Volume % (RH=60%) ≥17.0
              % (HAC=100%) ≥42
            Al2O3 % ≥94.0
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