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            WHA-109 high intensity adsorbent

            1.Introduction of product:
                 This product is mainly used as an adsorbent for the purification of polyethylene,which is polymerized in the presence of coordination catalyst.It consists of γ-aluminum oxide,alkaline earth metal promoting agent and rare earth element assistants.It can remove the metal ion impurities and metal organic compounds in hydrocarbon.It can also be used for the adsorption of hydrogen chloride,sulfur dioxide etc gases.The performance of the product is same as the similar product imported from Canada,even same index of the product is better than that of the imported product.In addition,the product has strong moisture-adsorption,so it can be used in dehydration drying process.
            2.Technical indexes of product:

            Al2O3 (%) ≥92
            Bulk Density g/cm3 0.80±0.05
            Abrasion Rate (%) ≤0.5
            Intensity N/ Sphere ≥45
            Rate of absorption Water % ≥50
            Pore Volume cm3/g 0.35±0.05
            Specific surface Area m2/g 280±20
            Promoting agent & rare earth assistants % ≥1.5
            Ball Diameter mm Φ1-2.5
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