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            WHA-108 Aluminum Oxide micro ball

            1.Chemical formula: Al2O3•nH2O n< 1
            2.Properties and uses:
                 Aluminum oxide micro ball has two crystalline phase,one type is γ-acitve aluminum oxide micro sphere,another type is γ-aluminum oxide micro sphere.
            Appearances of the two type micro sphere are all white.The γ-aluminum oxide micro sphere is alightly soluble in acid and alkali,insoluble in water.The γ-aluminum oxide micro sphere can transfer into α-aluminum oxide through calcined at 1200-1500°C.This product is widely used in decolor purification of organic liquid.
            3.WHA-108 γ-active aluminum oxide micro sphere physico-chemical Indexes:

            Particle Size 50-100 Mesh
            Bulk Density    g/cm3 ≥0.75
            Specific area surface   m2/g ≥300
            Pore Volume cm3/g ≥0.38
            Na2O: % ≤1.0
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