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            Catalyst carrier for the purifying of exhaust gas

            This series of products is the honeycomb ceramic catalyst carrier with cordierite and pseudo boehmite as substrate. It can turn the CH, CO in the exhaust gas into water and CO2, at the same time, NOX can be divided into nitrogen and oxygen. The carrier itself does not participate in catalytic reaction, but can make palladium, rhodium and other precious metals and other active components evenly dispersed on the surface of the carrier, to obtain a higher specific surface area, improve the catalytic efficiency of the unit mass active component. Mainly used in automobile exhaust, industrial exhaust gas and steamship exhaust gas purification, with high strength, high activity, long life characteristics. 

            Main technical indexes:

            Mesh/Inch Wall thickness mm Hole width mm Porosity % Internal specific surface area m2/g
            600 0.20 0.85 ≥60 ≥120
            400 0.20 1.10 ≥65 ≥100
            300 0.25 1.20 ≥65 ≥80
            200 0.25 1.50 ≥70 ≥60
            100 0.40 2.00 ≥70 ≥50
            50 0.60 3.00 ≥65 ≥40
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