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            Automobile exhaust purifier

            This series of products is automobile exhaust purifier, which is based on heat-resistant and superfine aluminum oxide, made through the doping of rare earth element and alkaline earth metals, the preparation of superfine aluminum oxide (particle size, crushing strength, pore volume, specific surface area), surface modification, the selection and install of noble metal used as active component, and the fusion welding etc. This series of products is mainly used for the efficient purification of automobile exhaust, with the advantages of high temperature resistance, high activity, long using life. The purification effect has met the of Euro 5 emission standard.

            Main technical indexes:

            Particle size nm 10-20
            Specific surface area 550℃ m2/g ≥300
            900℃ m2/g ≥200
            1050℃ m2/g ≥80
            Effect of tail gas purification CO % ≤1.00
            THC % ≤0.10
            NMHC % ≤0.068
            NOX % ≤0.06
            PM % ≤0.005
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