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            WHA-413 Pseudo boehmite aluminum oxide

            This product is an aluminum oxide gel, white powder, with proper pore structure. Various catalyst carriers made from this product have the advantages of high activity, high crushing strength, low abrasion rate, and be widely used in the field of catalysis.

            Main technical indexes:

            1. Chemical formula: Al2O3.nH2O(n=1-2)

            2. Crystalline phase: Pseudo boehmite

            3. Physicochemical indexes:

            Al2O3 content, % ≥70
            Na+ content, % ≤0.25
            Fe2O3 content, % ≤0.25
            SO42- content, % ≤2.5
            Loss of ignition ≤30
            Specific surface area, m2/g ≥250
            Pore volume, cm3/g ≥0.35
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