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            WHA-202 Catalyst Carrier

            1. Chemical formula: Al2O3.nH2O

            2. Properties and uses

            This product is γ-form white spherical active aluminum oxide, which is prepared from intermediate raw materials of quick dehydration process production.  It has the features of low bulk density, macro pore diameter, large specific surface area and high adsorption capacity etc. More precious metals can be adsorbed in the unit volume. The catalyst prepared by this product is mainly used for the reaction of macromolecular organic compounds. 

            3. Main technical indexes

            Appearance / White sphere
            Particle size mm Φ3-4.5
            Bulk density g/cm3 0.55-0.6
            Specific surface area m2/g ≥170
            Rate of absorption water % ≥75
            Crushing strength N/sphere ≥60
            Pore volume cm3/g ≥0.60
            Abrasion rate % ≤1.0
            Na2O % ≤0.1
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