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            Decolorizing adsorbent WFA-751A(alkaline), WFA-751B(neutral), WFA-751C(acidic)

            This product is white and free flowing particle with special structure,non-toxic,tateless,odourless.It has high chemical purity,good adsorption performance,rapid filtrating rate of solution,good decolorizing effect,easy regeneration,no change of property after regeneration and long serviece life.It also has high performance of adsorption moisture in air and it can be reused after dried at 110°C.It is insoluble in water and organic solvent,soluble in strong acid or strong alkali at high temperature.
            1.Chemical formula: Al2O3•nH2O     n< 0.5
            2.uses and Properties
                This product is special aluminum oxide for decolorization of solution in antibiotics production process.The qualities,such as the service life,penetrability,adsorbility etc.can reach the level of the product made in Japan,Switzerland,Germany etc..E.g.the penetrability of the product can reach 48 mm/min,the adsorptive capacity can be 0.12g/g.Even some index can be superior than that of imported product.In addition,this product has high water adsorptivity and is often used in some dehydrating and drying process. Main technical indexes

            Item Indxes
            Pore volume cm3/g 0.24±0.01
            Specific surface area m2/g ≤170
            Bulk density g/ml 1.00±0.05
            Density g/ml ≤3.4
            Particle size 100-200(Mesh) % 90
            Penetrability mm/min 48
            adsorptive capacity g/g 0.12
            Al2O3 % ≥96.0
            SiO2 % ≤0.03
            *Na2O % ≤0.25
            Ignition loss % ≤3

            *The content of Na2O,according to the user option.
            The service aim of the company:
            Quality first,reputation first,user highest and high quality service.Providing transportation service and delivering goods in time.
            The product package:
            Packed in corrugated board box lined with a layer of PP woven bag and a layer of PE bag with 25Kg net weight or packed in iron drum lined with PE bag with 40Kg net weight.
            Storage and transportation:
            To be prevented from rain,moisture and press in storage and transportation.Store in dry place and avoid to contact with moisture or vapor.

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