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            Molecular sieve

            The high intensity molecular sieve made in the company has good thermal stability,high adsorption moisture,large inner specific surface area and strong intensity et al.It is widely used in the field of petrochemical,nature gas,coal gas and oxygen making industries et al.TypeBulk density,g/cm3 Static adsorbed.

            Type Bulk density
            static adsorbed Water (%) Abrasion rate (%) Uses
            WHA-3A - Gerena 0.63-0.68 21 0.3 Petroleum cracking ga and olefindrying
            WHA-4A - Gerena 0.6-0.7 21 0.5 Dryer of paraffins separation
            WHA-5A - Making 0.65 21 0.4 Adsorbent,drying of oxygen-making
            WHA-5A - Desulfuriger 0.5 21 0.5 Dehydrate,desulfurizer of petroleum,nature gas
            WHA-10X - Gerena 0.4 23 0.8 Higheffect adsorbent used in drying Desulfurizing decarbonation,and aromatic separation
            WHA-13X - Gerena 0.6 25 0.4 Drying,desulfurizing purification of petroleum gas and nature gas
            WHA-13X - Air separation 0.7 25 0.2-0.4 Decarbonation drying of air separation

            WHA-13XNa Sodium type molecular sieve:1.Properties: This product dissolves in strong acid or alkali,insoluble in water and organic solvent.
            2.Appearance: egg white particle
            3. Uses: This product is mainly used as air purifying agent,catalystcarrier et al.
            4.Production specifications and technical indexes:

            Indexes\Specifications Φ2-3mm Φ3-5mm Φ5-8mm
            Abrasion rate % ≤0.6 0.4 0.4
            Adsorbed CO2 % ≥18 18 18
            Static adsorbed % ≥23.0 23.0 23.0
            Bulk density g/ml ≥0.64 0.64 0.63
            Crashing strangth N/sphere ≥48 52 80
            H2O content of package % ≤1.5 1.5 1.5

            Regenerating method and conditions:(1)Dehydration: molecular sieve is heated at 500-550°C for two hours,then cooled under air insulation,or molecular sieve is heated at 300-350°C for 2 hours under vacuum condition,then cooled under air insulation.
            (2)Removing of organic materials: The over-heat inert gas with 200-350°C passes through the molecular sieve bed layer for certain time,then,the organic materials is deadsorbed and molecular sieve is regenerated.
            (3)Removing of gaseous materials: Removed and generated under vacuum condition.

            (1) Molecular sieve must be stored in close and dry place.If mositure adsorption,the regeneration is needed for use and the properties of molecular

            sieve do not change.(2) The regenerating temperature can not be over 600°C,otherwise,its structure can be broken,the activity lost and adsorption performance decreased.
            (3)The PH value of medium is 5-12.

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