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            WHA-106 Inert porcelain ball

            1.Brief introduction: This product is inert aluminum oxide porcelain ball.It is widely used in the field of petroleum,chemical,chemical fertilizer,nature gas and environmental protection industries as supporting of catalyst in reactor and fillers in column.It has resistance to high temperature and high pressure,low water adsorption rate,and stable chemical property et al.It can undergo teh corrosion of acid,alkali and other organic solvent and the temperature change in pipe line.It's main function is to increase the distribution point of gas or liquid,support ad protect low intensity active catalyst.
            2.WHA-106 technical indexes:

            Al2O3 % 75
            size mm Φ8-10
            Bulkdensity g/cm3 0.95-1.25
            Rate of adsorption water % ≤2
            Acid fastness % ≥98
            Alkali fastness % ≥95
            Fire fastness (°C) 1300
            Crushing strength N/ball ≥500
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