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            WAY Type aluminum oxide powder series

            1.Chemical formula: Al2O3•nH2O
            2.Properties and uses:
              WYA-8901 and WYA-8902 are γ-aluminum oxide powder,WYA-051 is aluminum hydroxide fine powder and WYA-8903 is a-aluminum oxide powder.They are made by advanced crushing technology and the superior grade aluminum oxide is used as raw materials.The product has the features of low impurity,fine particle and good water adsorption.They are mainly used as flame retardant filler in plastic rubber and electric appliance;dewaxing and demoulding of ceramics;building material ceramics;fillers of printing ink,pigment and paper-making.
            3.Main product type and technical indexes:

            Product type\Indexes\Item Chemical Comosition Appearance Particle size(-250 mesh )% Al2O3 Na2O
            WYA-8901 Al2O3•nH2O
            Fine powder ≥95 89-92 0.3-1.00
            WYA-8902 Al2O3•nH2O n<1 Fine powder ≥95 ≥92
            WYA-8903 Al2O3•nH2O n<1 Fine powder ≥95 ≥98
            WYA-051 Al(OH)3 Micro powder ≥99.5 Al(OH)3≥99.5

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