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            WHA-408 Aluminum oxide gel

            This product is fine pore aluminum oxide gel,white powder.Pore distribution is between 30-80Å,Pore volume is 0.30-0.45 cm3/g.It is used as raw material of catalyst carrier for petroleum cracking,decreasing freezing and hydrofining et al.This product is provided with characters of good performance and low price.
            WHA-408 is divided into three types:
            Type A: Pore distribution is 30-80Å,specific surface is over 300m2/g intensity of Φ3mm made from type Aluminum oxide gel can be over 150N/roll.The content of Na2O is below 0.07%.
            Tyep B: High intensity, Φ3mm roll is over 150N/roll.Na2O is below 0.07%.
            Type C: The price is low,the intensity of Φ3mm roll is over 80N/roll.Na2O is below 0.10%.and Al2O3 over 75.0%.


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