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            WHA-406 Nitric acid method aluminum oxide gel
             This product is aluminum oxide with high pore volume and macro pore diameter,white powder.Its pore volume is 0.7-1.0cm3/g,its pore distribution is 100-500Å.This product is a high purity product( high crystalline purity and chemical purity).The performance of product is outstanding,compared with PURAL SB high pure aluminum oxide made in Germany Condea Company.It is an excellent carrier raw material of petrochemical catalyst,e.g.alkyl transfer catalyst carrier et al.It is also raw material of high grade binding agent.
            WHA-406 physico-chemical prorties:
            1.Crystalline purity: (SB powder purity as 100):98-103,highest 112
            2.Chemical purity: Na2O ≤0.07%
                                              Fe2O3≤ 0.05%
            3.Pore structure: Specific surface area, 200-250m2/g
                                           Pore volume: 0.7-1.0cm2/g
                                           Pore distribution: 100-500Å
                                           Most probable pore diameter 400Å
            4.Intensity: Φ1mm roll 100N/roll
            5.Activity: (taking hydrogenation as example)
                            a.Total denitrated rate 97.7%
                            b.Total desulfuriztion rate 99.6%
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