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            WHA-404 Carbonizing aluminum oxide gel

            1.Chemical formula: Al2O3•nH2O
            2.Properties and uses:
                This product is a kind of pseudo boehmite(e.i.aluminum oxide gel),which is made by continuous carbonation method and sole product in China.The advanced technology is adopted in the process and the product has high purity of crystalline phase and lower impurity.Through heat treatment,the γ-aluminum oxide is obtained with good heat stability.It is an ideal raw material of catalyst and catalyst carrier,adsorbent and binding agent,e.g.Ag-catalyst carrier,catalyst carrier of methyl benzene disproportionation,
            catalyst of decrease freezing and catalyst carrier of hydrofining etc.It can be used as binding agent of petroleum cracking catalyst in semi-synthetizing process,it can be substitute for imported SB aluminum oxide gel.It is also used in film coating of catalyst carrier surface and flocking etc.The quality of Ag-catalyst made from this product as carrier can reach international advanced level.

            Main technical indexes  
            Appearance white powder
            Al2O3 % ≥70.00
            Fe2O3 % ≤0.07
            Na2O % ≤0.10
            Adhesive water % ≤5
            Fineness (-250mesh) % ≥98
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