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          3.   Notice: Jiangsu Jingjing New Material Co.,Ltd. website opens, welcome!
            Jiangsu Jingjing New Material Co., Ltd. is one of large & important manufacturers in China for activated alumina. With a history of more than 30 years in the research and production of activated aluminium oxide, Jiangsu Jingjing New Material Co., Ltd. now is receiving high reputations in this trade for leading manufacturing methods, complete facilities, experienced technicians and complete quality inspection facilities. At present, Jingjing is an ISO9001: 2008 quality system approved enterprise, and First-Class Quality Inspection Organization of Jiangsu Province Petrochemical Bureau.
            Now, we yearly can produce 10,000 tons of activated alumina in quick release method. The main products include drier (WHA-103, WHA-102, WHA-101, WHA-100& WHA-super), defluorinating agent, adsorbent for oxydol, decoloring purposed activated alumina adsorbent (WFA751), sulfur recycling catalyst (WHA-201), carrier of Low temperature CO shift catalyst and inert ceramic balls, etc.
            We now can produce 5,000 tons of activated alumina gels, including neutralization method, continuous carbonization method, swing method, parallel flow method and other methods. The main types are nitric acid alumina gel, sulfuric acid alumina gel, carbonization alumina gel and WHA-410 high-end alumina gel for the filming of carrier (3-effect) of automobile exhaust purification; big pore, medium pore and small pore; with concentrated distribution, we now can provide all specifications of products (WHA-404, WHA-406, WHA417, WHA418, WHA411, WHA420). We also produce carriers made of alumina gels: WYA-251~WYA-259and big porous WHA-261~WHA-268, including carrier with dual-peak structure, and carrier with low bulk density and high strength. Cooperating with the famous experts of China, we have developed a series of hi-tech products: (WHA-409) filming agent of catalysts of automobile exhaust; nano structured activated alumina (WHA402), which can be used as the key material of human artificial limb, additive of warm insulation fiber and stealth material of aviation and aerospace; sapphire grade high pure activated aluminaWHA303 (assay 99.999%) and so on.
            All our products have excellent quality and steady performances. The static adsorption of drier WHA-103 can reach 20% and its abrasion loss is not more than 0.2% when its dyeing depth can reach to -70℃ or less; Therefore it was approved as one of first batch localization products by Sinopec in 1987. Our WYA-9101 oxydol adsorbent now is widely used in oxydol industry and recognized by most of customers as the best product in this field for no pulverization, long service life and high activity. Moreover, our WYA-251~~WYA-267 carriers are highly appraised by customers all over the world for low impurities, high strength, low abrasion loss and moderate hole structure, etc. There are several shapes of carriers for you to choose, including round bar, trefoil, butterfly and spherical shape, etc.
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